Enclave Floor Liners, All-Weather, Third Row - GM (84202829)


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Date Expires Sunday, June 15, 2025 2:29:57 PM
Date Posted Thursday, June 16, 2022 2:29:57 PM
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Enclave Floor Liners, All-Weather, Third Row - GM (84202829)


These Buick Accessories Premium All-Weather Floor Liners have been precision engineered to meet the exact fit and appearance standards of your interior. They feature deep-patterned, molded grooves that help channel debris, snow and water away from the vehicles carpeting, as well as your feet and clothing. While these Premium All-Weather Floor Liners function similar to conventional all-weather floor mats and rubber mats, they offer an added benefit custom-designed raised sides to help ensure maximum carpet coverage and provide a barrier to help keep mud, snow, water and debris contained for easy cleaning.


Please verify they will fit your vehicle prior to purchase. 

Ships and sold by Dealerwerx Ltd Collingwood Ontario Canada


Additional Information
Dealer Dealerwerx Collingwood
Agent Name Dealerwerx
Body Style N/A
Doors 2dr
Fuel Gas
Dealerwerx Garage Sale Location Dealerwerx Collingwood
Garage Sale Address 291 Pretty River Parkway
This vehicle is a classified private sale, please contact us for more details.