About Us

At Dealerwerx we seek to provide our customers with an innovative and comfortable way of purchasing or selling a vehicle, without the added hassle. On top of our Market Based Pricing, our years of experienced agent-staff, knowledge of auto-industry and our complete customer satisfaction record; we are offering pre-quoted vehicles listings. This means that the vehicles listed on our websites have already gone through the price-quote with a walk-in customer by our expert sales-staff and after taking into account many variables, the customer is given a certain quoted price.

We know that sometimes the quote process can take up some of your valuable time and we believe in providing you the best vehicle quotes in fraction of the time for your convenience. That’s where our pre-quoted listings systems come in handy, you are able to see the quoted price for a certain vehicle on our website and you have an option to purchase it. However, since the quoted price was generated based on someone else’s information/needs, with specific options, the price you’ll be paying will certainly be optimal but you may qualify for a better price, if you go through our hassle free vehicle price-quote procedure.

Here at Dealerwerx we already know how busy your schedule is. We provide many great convenient ways for you to communicate with us and inquire about your future vehicle or talk about selling your current vehicle. You can communicate with us throught phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter.